Future perspectives and panel discussion

Date: 9 June 2017
Time: 14.30 - 16.00
Place: Axelborgsalen

The six participants in the panel will give a short presentation addressing how their companies support the agenda of ADDING VALUE to a dairy industry dealing with new trends and new consumer needs and demands. The subsequent debate will be managed by Theis Brøgger, Director of External Communication, Arla Foods, who will choose and address relevant questions from the audience. The questions have been submitted electronically to Theis Brøgger during the speeches. 


How can the farmers make business profit by adding value to the milk by addressing new consumer demands?

Åke Hantoft, Chairman of the board, Arla Foods
Runs a farm in Laholm, Sweden together with his wife. Has been member of the Board since 2013 and deputy chair since 2003. He took over the job as Chairman of the Board of Arla Foods in 2011. Arla Foods amba is a dairy company owned by 12,500 farmers in Denmark, Sweden, Germany, UK, Belgium, Luxemburg and The Netherlands. The company has around 19,000 employees.

How is the use of ingredients the key to meet new consumer needs and demands?

Thomas Hahlin Ahlinder, Global Sales Director, DuPont
Graduated at IHM Business School and Uni. Pennsylvania (The Wharton School). Has held senior positions in Danisco/Dupont related to sales, marketing and innovation and as CEO of Kivik Holding AB. At present Senior Vice President Global Sales, Marketing & Innovation, DuPont Nutrition & Health, which is a specialty food ingredient and food safety leader, providing products, services and solutions to customers around the world.

How will packaging of the future address environmental challenges and how can the dairy companies use this to grow their business?

Niels Petter Wright, CEO, Elopak
MSc from Norwegian School of Economics and Business Adm. Previous experience: positions at Bertel O. Steen, Dyno Nobel, Deloitte Management Consulting and Kongberg Gruppen Asa. Became CEO and President of ELOPAK Inc. in 2007. Elopak is an international supplier of paper-based packaging solutions for liquid foods. The company has 2,800 employees and operates in more than 40 countries.

How will new and efficient processes create value in the dairy industry

Monica Gimre, Vice President, Tetra Pak Processing
MSc in Chemical Enginerring from Lund Un. Has been Executive Vice President for the Processing Solutions area of Tetra Pak since 2009 and worked for Tetra Pak most of her career. Tetra Pak is a world leading food processing and packaging solutions company with more than 23,000 employees based in over 85 countries.

How to handle quality control and documentation of exports to a global food market regulated locally?

Svend Aage Linde, CEO, Eurofins
MSc in Analytical Chemistry, Aarhus Uni. CEO for the company Miljøkemi that was later merged into Eurofins. CEO of Eurofins since 2001. The company has over 23,000 employees across 225 sites in 39 countries. Eurofins provides a range of testing and support services to the pharmaceutical, food, agricultural, environmental and consumer products industries, and to governments.

How can the dairy industry ensure the right to play in a European and global context?

Karen Hækkerup, CEO, Danish Agriculture & Food Council
MSc in Political Science, Uni. Cph. After a strong political career including three minister assignments, Karen Hækkerup took up the job as CEO of The Danish Agriculture & Food Council in 2014. The Danish Agriculture & Food Council represents the farming and food industry of Denmark including businesses, trade and farmers’ associations.