The first Nordic Dairy Congress was arranged by Nordic dairy organizations in 1920 in Oslo. This congress and the congresses that followed focused on increasing the knowledge and competences of the dairy technicians managing the dairies spread all over the participating countries. Eighteen years later the first Dairy Technology Congress took place in Gothenburg by academic dairy people. These congresses with two different approaches were organised alternately. In the 1970s discussions about merging the two kinds of congresses began. The first combined congress - Nordic Dairy Congress no. 31 was held in Aarhus in 1977.

The congress programmes are based on the work of the alternating committees. The host country organize the programme committee. The topics have varied from the quality of milk to information technology. The congress programmes have included exhibitions and excursions to local production facilities. The Nordic Dairy Technology Council, NMR which was established in 1977 when the two kind of congresses merged, is responsible for the continuity of the dairy congresses as well as their quality and standard.

The historic map above enables a closer view of the congresses during almost 100 years. As far as facts, photos, programmes, presentations, articles etc. from the previous congresses are available they will be linked to the pins indicating the specific congresses. There will not be documents available for all of the congresses, but where available it will be added. The list below provides a chronological overview.