Nordic Dairy Technology Council

Since 1920 Dairy Congresses have been organized in the Nordic countries every second or third year. This has been possible due to a collaboration between a number of dairy employee’s organizations and societies of stakeholders in the dairy industry. During the last four decades, the work has been formalized in the Nordic Dairy Technology Council, which holds the responsibility for the congresses. In 2015 The Nordic Dairy Technology Council became a formal collaboration, registered as a business partnership with secretariat and service supported by Mælkeritidende in Odense (DK).

The council and the business partnership named Nordisk Mejeriteknisk Råd I/S is composed of nine stakeholders/owners from the Nordic countries. For more detail - see the list and links below.

Nordisk Mejeriteknisk Råd (from the top):

Pehr-Eric Persson (Mejeriteknisk Forum)
Juha Yli-Kovanen (Meijerialan Ammattilaiset MVL ry)
Saara Pitkanen Meijeritieteellinen Seura ry)
Tom Midtbø Dahl (Norsk Meieriteknisk Forening)
Niels Osterland (Danmarks Mejeritekniske Selskab)
Dagmar Pedersen (Dansk Mejeriingeniør Forening)
Bengt Palmqvist (Mejeriteknisk Forum)
Kari Toikkanen (Meijeritieteellinen Seura ry)
Petter Bru (Norske Meierifolks Landsforening)
Søren Jensen (Foreningen af mejeriledere og funktionærer)
Auduun Hermansson (Tæknifélag Mjólkur Iðnaðarins)
Anne-Sofi Christiansen (Mælkeritidende/ support).







Foreningen af mejeriledere og funktionærer
Søren Jensen
President of NMR 2013-2017

The Steering Committee for the congress 2017 - click here.


Meijerialan Ammattilaiset MVL ry
Juha Yli-Kovanen


Meijeritieteellinen Seura ry
Saara Pitkanen and 
Kari Toikkanen


Tæknifélag Mjólkur Iðnaðarins
Auduun Hermansson



Norsk Meieriteknisk Forening
Tom Midtbø Dahl


Norske Meierifolks Landsforening
Petter Bru


Mejeritekniskt Forum
Bengt Palmqvist and 
 Pehr-Eric Persson


Dansk Mejeriingeniør Forening
Dagmar F. Pedersen


Danmarks Mejeriteknisk Selskab
Niels Osterland