Dairies are ready to embrace plant products

Friday, May 20, 2022

The Nordic Dairy Congress started on Friday with a panel discussion, where five Nordic dairies represented by Kai Gylstrøm, Arla, Gunnar Hovland, Tine, Robert Auselius Valio Sweden, Poul Johannes Pedersen, Thise, Kai Gyllstrøm, Norrmejerier discussed sustainability including Connor Mulvihill, Dairy Industry Ireland. The panel reported on a large number of projects where CO2 emissions are being improved at several stages of production - both at farm level, at dairies and in the transport sector. It was emphasized that Nordic dairy cows account for almost half of the global average for CO2 emissions, and therefore have an important role in bread feeding a growing population.

The cows' unique ability to convert grass proteins into foods with a very high nutrient content must thus continue to be developed, as several of the panelists were ready to develop new plant-based products - also with mixed products where plant proteins combine with the milk proteins.

The panel debate will be followed up with a larger article next week.